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Timber Windows and Doors hand made by Gowercroft

Timber windows from Gowercroft are made for properties of distinction. Our award winning wooden windows and doors are hand build at our Derbyshire workshop. Our expert fitting teams are available for locations across the United Kingdom. Our range of wooden windows come in variety of styles:

  • Sliding Sash Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Traditional and Classic style windows
  • Tilt & Turn Windows

The Classic Range of Timber Windows and Doors

The classic timber window range offers high performance in terms of heat retention and noise reduction and therefore is a great product to install in any building. Particularly suited to both traditional or contemporary residential and commercial buildings, any products in the range offer many years of trouble free service.

Heritage Wooden Window Range

Our award winning Heritage Window range is designed specifically for older buildings of distinction. The range was launched from our refit of Sir Winston Churchill’s former home and has featured in many Grade 2 Listed building projects. Uniquely designed around an ultraslim vacuum cavity unit, our Heritage Window Range has been the focus of many industry accolades for its unrivalled performance and styling.

Types of Property where we fit our Timber Windows

We offer 3 ranges of wooden windows and doors to suit all types of buildings:

  • Modern high performance windows and doors with triple glazing
  • Traditional double glazed units with exceptionally high performance
  • Award winning heritage products with vacuum glazing

Why choose Gowercroft timber windows?

Our windows are highly rated for efficiency and security. Our use of high quality FSC sourced Accoya and Red Grandis hardwood, plus our in house paint techniques ensure that your wooden windows will have a service life of over 60 years with the minimum of maintenance. This level of performance is unrivalled in the marketplace.

Read more about the timber types we use in our windows and doors here.

Our products are rigorously tested for paint longevity, security performance and weatherproofing – there simply isn’t a better product on the market. We have a range of glass available for our units offering the best of energy efficiency, comfort and security, including super efficient triple glazed units. All our glazing units come with a 10 year guarantee against breakdown.

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Any colour you like

We have an industry leading paint system that both reduces maintenance and gives our wooden products a longer life. Any painted product utilising the full three coat system will include a full 10-year, no maintenance guarantee backed by our supplier. This has been painstakingly tested in Italy for performance and durability.

Of course, the colour of your wooden windows is very important to you! We can paint your windows and doors in any colour you desire. All our windows are delivered and fitted fully painted and require no further attention. We can also offer split paint and stain options to meet your exact requirements.

Read more about our paint and processes here.

Aftercare for your wooden windows

Even though our products require very little maintenance, we offer a lifetime care service called TimbaCare. This inexpensive annual service will ensure even longer service life for your timber windows, and we set fixed prices for up to 25 years. This also helps you protect your investment and spread the cost of repainting. You do it with your car, so why not with your doors and windows.

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If you are interested in having industry leading windows fitted to your home or business, then you could not choose better than the Gowercroft range of timber windows.

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