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Heritage windows and doors for listed and period buildings

Heritage windows and doors for listed and period buildings offer modern day performance without compromising the timeless looks of older buildings.
At Gowercroft our double glazed wooden Heritage Windows and Doors are made with ultra thin double glazed units and are hand build to exacting standards in our Workshop in Alfreton. All our products come with a minimum 10 year guarantee and meet the highest levels of style and performance to give you years of maintenance free service.

What are Heritage Windows and Doors?

Heritage windows are windows and doors designed and built to fit seamlessly into listed buildings. Many older buildings that were built when window technology was less advanced than it is today feature much smaller windows. Most old-fashioned windows were built up from many smaller panes held together with criss-crossing wooden frames. This is because glass manufacture at the time could only produce tall, thin panes without them breaking during the production process as all glass at the time was blown by hand. Interesting note – glass panes were made by shearing blown glass. This left a piece of glass with a bulge, the bottom of the ‘bottle’ the pane was cut from. This was known as the ‘bullseye’ and they were sold as cheaper panes. Of course, bullseyes are now synonymous with Olde England and the traditional English pub.

Older windows are much thinner than modern windows. This makes it difficult to make more efficient windows as double glazing. Fortunately new techniques in double glazing manufacture have given us vacuum cavity units that offer greater efficiency in a much slimmer unit. This means that historic buildings can now enjoy better heat retention and noise reduction without compromising their timeless looks. We have more information on the problems associated with slim double glazing units in heritage windows .

Gowercroft exclusively use Pilkington Spacia glass in our heritage windows for improved performance and length of service life. You can read more about Pilkington Spacia Glass here or visit the Pilkington site for more .

More about our Heritage Windows and Doors

Ethically sourced superior timber

Here at Gowercroft we design and build high quality wooden heritage windows and doors from FSC sourced hardwoods and modified timber such as Accoya and Red Grandis. We are fanatical about ensuring all our products are environmentally sound and go to great lengths to ensure we have the best suppliers and materials for our products – you can read about our field trip to the Accoya manufacturing facility in Arnheim here .

Double Glazed Sash Windows for Listed Buildings

We specify high quality sealed units in our windows and doors as they offer higher performance in terms of energy efficiency and noise reduction and also they match our wooden window frames for longevity of service. You can read more about the glass we use in our timber windows here .


All our windows come with pre installed ironmongery. We have a range that will suit both modern and traditional buildings and are available in a variety of finishes and materials. You can find out more information on our ironmongery here.

Paint and finishing

Our wooden windows and doors are finished with three coats of top quality microporous paint that will help extend the life of the products, as well as add the finishing touch to your home! Available is a just about any colour you can think of* including split paint and stained products. Read more.
*Minimum order requirement

Care for your Heritage windows

We also offer ongoing care packages to ensure your replacement windows give many years of service with the minimum of maintenance – find out more about out TimbaCare packages here.

The Gowercroft Experience

We at Gowercroft have many years experience in the design, manufacture and fitting of timber Heritage windows and we have completed many projects – you can read our wide variety of case studies .

Our team will work closely with you in choosing the correct windows to suit you project requirements. We work closely with the design and build team to address all aspects of your project and supply data to back up our experience to help you make an informed decision.

If you have any questions or queries or you would like to open a discussion on how Gowercroft can assist you with your project please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss all aspects of our Heritage range of wooden windows.

Heritage Windows and Doors installed in a grade II listed building
Heritage Windows and Doors installed in a grade II listed building

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