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Why is ours the best window guarantee?

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Why is ours the best window guarantee?

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Published on: November 21st, 2016

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A quick search of window and door suppliers will reveal hundreds of manufacturers all offering different guarantees that fall on a very wide spectrum. Our guarantee is completely unique, but it can be easy to miss the subtle differences if you do not take the time to explore the small print. I thought that it would be a good service to sit down and identify the differences and highlight some of the things a customer should be looking for in a warranty. So why is ours the best window guarantee available?

  1. Length of guarantee. We offer a full 10-year warranty on all of our painted windows and doors. Okay, so that’s good, but we’re not alone on this one.
  2. Inclusions and exclusions. Our guarantee includes everything. No exclusions for ironmongery or glass units or gaskets or paint.
  3. Site remedial. We do any required work ourselves on site, we don’t just replace materials and expect you to do the work.
  4. Our maintenance requirement is basically zero; all we ask is that you keep the products relatively clean and report/repair any damage promptly.
  5. Small print. There is none, it really is this simple.
  6. Supplier backed. Our suppliers stand behind us, and will assist us in any remedial work either with the supply of materials or labour. This means that there is no incentive for us to renege on our promises.
  7. Our guarantee is fully transferable. This can add huge value to your home if you choose to sell it on.
  8. GGF backed. Our guarantee is fully backed by the Glass and Glazing Federation for the full 10-years, so if something happened to our business, you wouldn’t be left in limbo.
  9. Still not convinced? We offer a serviced maintenance contract (the only available in the industry), which allows you to pay a small fee to pass the responsibility for all maintenance and upkeep back to Gowercroft. This extends your guarantee indefinitely! For more information, please see our TimbaCare page.

How can we offer such a comprehensive guarantee on our products? Well to be honest, it’s because we know that you will almost certainly not need to call on it. In the past 12 months, I can count the total remedial or servicing issues reported under guarantee on one hand!

Understanding the guarantee being offered with your products is absolutely critical to a good purchase. The cost of repainting and remedial works can easily run into thousands, which exposes the true cost of buying an inferior product.

The Gowercroft warranty really is the best window guarantee available!