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The difference is in the details

All products are designed to combine traditional aesthetics with unparalleled performance.

  • Thinner than industry-standard sections to deliver more sunlight, better vistas and improved energy efficiency.
  • Perfectly flush jointing with no unsightly grooves or breaks.
  • 22mm external glazing bars and 9mm external bevel to replicate the traditional linseed oil putty effect. Internal 22mm glazing bars and 18mm beads in a traditional lambs tongue moulding to give elegance and slenderness of sections.
  • Full paint system delivering exceptional life span and minimal maintenance schedules.

Double gasketing and patented seal deliver the best air permeability ratings in the industry

detail cross section of windowdetail cross section of windowdetail cross section of window

Comb joint construction increases product longevity and stability.

Comb joint construction diagram

Internally glazed product with concealed pinning to give maximum security and best possible finish.

Internally glazed productInternally glazed product

Trickle ventilation designed to detract as little as possible from the aesthetics of the product, running the head of the frame and invisible on the external face.

Trickle Ventilation diagram

High technology, applied glazing beads with deep bonded bars in glazing units to give longevity and traditional appearance

Double glazing beads with deep bonded bars diagram