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CTI Board Appointment

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Andrew Madge of timber windows manufacturers Gowercroft in Derbyshire has been appointed as an executive board member to the CTI

CTI Board Appointment

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Published on: August 22nd, 2019

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Timber Windows Manufacturer Appointment to the CTI Executive Board

We are pleased to announce that timber windows manufacturer Gowercroft Managing Director Andrew Madge has been appointed to the Executive Board of the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI).

Andrew Madge of timber windows manufacturers Gowercroft in Derbyshire has been appointed as an executive board member to the CTI

What is the CTI?

The CTI is the primary UK trade organisation promoting the role of the timber supply chain in the economy. The organisation represents businesses across the entire supply chain including manufacturers, producers and distributors in matters relating to employment, skills, quality control, environmental issues and economic growth.

Roy Wakeman, Chairman of the CTI explained more about the appointment: “Timber is clearly the prime building material for sustainable construction. The CTI is committed to keeping timber in the forefront of growing our low carbon economy and utilising this fantastic material to help reverse the housing crisis in the UK.”

You can read more about the CTI on their website –

British Woodworking Federation Representation on the CTI

Andrew’s role on the CTI Board will be to represent the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), to ensure that its 700 plus members are supported and represented in key areas. Andrew is also a member of the Executive Board of the BWF.

You can see the full list of team members here on the BWF Website – Meet the Team

Andrew Madge said: “I am delighted to be invited to join the CTI Board. As we move towards a low carbon economy, I believe that the CTI and the BWF together will play a vitally important role in ensuring that the use of timber and timber products remains at the top of the agenda and the natural choice for specifiers, designers and constructors.”

Gowercroft chosen to represent the timber windows manufacturers

Andrew was proud to be chosen to represent timber windows manufacturers in the CTI. Gowercroft’s reputation in the industry for innovative products, expert craftsmanship and high performance levels using timber from renewable sources will stand him in good stead.

The Derbyshire based company has received a number of accolades for the quality of its products and projects including the “Best Windows” category of the prestigious 2017 Build It Awards for the pioneering design quality of its Winston Heritage Windows and Richmond Heritage windows and the company was also shortlisted in both G18 Awards and Build It awards in 2018.

Gowercroft has had its bespoke joinery featured in the RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlist 2017, RIBA London Building of the Year 2017, RIBA National Building of the Year 2017 and the BBC List of Best Buildings 2017.