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Timber, Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows

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Winston heritage sliding sash window in a listed building

Timber, Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows

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Published on: April 22nd, 2013

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Draught Free Sliding Sash Windows – Class 4 Air Permeability

Big pile of wooden window frames ready for glazing

High quality and draught free

Sliding sash windows have always and will always be draughty! Well that’s what we have been led to believe throughout the 300 years of their usage. Generations of homeowners have been forced to balance the aesthetically-pleasing proportions and traditional appearance of these windows with poor energy efficiency and irritating draughts. This is no longer a compromise that has to be made. We are proud to announce our new product, which is one of the first draught free sliding sash windows.

We have tackled the issue of draughty sliding sash windows head on and developed the new SashSealer. With the addition of the patented SashSealer to our standard arrangement of draught seals and brush strips, our sliding sash windows now exceed Class 4 Air Permeability standards. During testing at the British Standards Institute (BSI), the sample window released only 0.06m3/m2/hr at 50Pa of pressure, equivalent the performance of high specification casement windows.

Applications for the New Window

The SashSealer is entirely invisible and does not alter the function or appearance of sliding sash windows, making it ideal for use in conservation and heritage areas. It can be integrated into either spiral balanced or weighted sash windows, in double hung, single hung or fixed configurations. It can be used with glazing bars or plant-on bars, and with single, double, triple and slimlite units.

Sustainability and Green Credentials

Further to the draught free performance, sliding sash windows also achieves an A-rating through the use of Accoya timber and high quality double glazed units. This is with an energy contribution of 9kWh/m2/yr to the home, a U-value of 1.33W/m²K and a solar gain of 0.48 (48% solar energy transmittance). Accoya timber is more thermally efficient than either hardwoods or softwoods and it is fully F.S.C.-certified. This timber also acts as a net carbon sink, as it takes 28 years to grow to full maturity and has a minimum expected lifespan of 60 years in application. This means that carbon is locked into the joinery products, while more is extracted from the atmosphere by the replanted trees. Accoya also offers exceptional durability, hardness and finish.

Maintenance-Free Guarantees

All of our external painted joinery now comes with a full 10-year guarantee covering all elements of the window and including a 10-year maintenance-free paint guarantee on the innovative, micro-porous coating. We fully factory finish our products with a four coat, water based paint system and we are so confident of the performance of our sash windows that we guarantee that you will need to do no repainting for the first 10 years!