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New Improved Vacuum Glazing

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New Improved Vacuum Glazing for Award winning Heritage Windows range by Gowercroft - we are now proud to supply the LandVac range of Vacuum Double Glazing

New Improved Vacuum Glazing

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Published on: November 5th, 2020

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Gowercroft upgrades Heritage range with new improved vacuum glazing

Multi award-winning manufacturer of high-end windows and doors, Gowercroft Joinery is upgrading its innovative range of Heritage timber windows and doors with a pioneering, next generation vacuum glazing system. 

Improved Performance Double Glazing

The move to LandVac as the company’s primary glazing solution will enable Gowercroft to offer its commercial and residential customers traditionally crafted windows with even better performance benefits including the highest thermal and acoustic performance in the vacuum glazing market. 

This new generation of tempered vacuum insulated glass has been developed and patented by LandGlass, using an exclusive low temperature sealing technology, which not only enables the product to exceed Passiv-haus standards, but also offers the strength and impact resistance of tempered glass as standard.

“As a company, we have always taken great pride in developing the most innovative, trail-blazing products on the market, manufactured from the most reliable and technically advanced materials available,”

Andrew Madge, Managing Director of Gowercroft Joinery

What is Vacuum Glazing?

Vacuum Glazing is highly efficient double glazing. Like standard double glazing it is made with two panes of glass separated by a cavity. However, instead of the usual gas or air filled cavity, all air is extracted and the unit is completely sealed.

The vacuum in the unit means that the gap between the two panes can be incredibly narrow – around 0.3mm. The gap in standard double glazing can be as much as 25mm. This narrow gap makes Vacuum Glazing the perfect choice for heritage windows where the units have to look as much like single glazing as possible. The vacuum also makes the windows very heat and sound efficient making them ideal for Passiv-haus projects and those wishing to reduce their energy usage.

We have more about ‘What is vacuum Glazing’ on our blog.

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“We have long believed that vacuum glazing represents the future of the window and door industry, and having reviewed the market, we believe that LandVac offers the best balance of performance, aesthetics, sustainability and longevity to complement our brand and help keep our pioneering product range at the forefront of the timber window industry.” 

Andrew Madge, Managing Director of Gowercroft Joinery
Key benefits of Vacuum Glazing
  • Ultra-thin single-glazed appearance – the lightweight 8.3 mm IG units with a tiny 0.3mm cavity have no double reflection markings on the face of the glass, and the fewest micro-spacers per square metre of any vacuum glazing option.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency – 8.3 mm Low E coated IG units with U-values of 0.48 W/(m2·K) is the lowest U-value of any vacuum glazing, exceeding typical standard required for Passiv-haus applications in an 8.3mm unit.
  • Superior acoustic insulation – with a weighted sound reduction index exceeding 36 dB, (blocking medium and low frequency sound transmission), it offers the highest acoustic performance of any vacuum glazing.
  • Superior safety – 100% fully tempered vacuum insulated safety glass as standard (no need for extra lamination).  Surface compressive strength withstands impact of 90Mpa. 
  • Condensation free – effectively eliminates the dew condensation between glass layers up to -40°C.
  • Long, maintenance-free lifespan – 15-year warranty on glass, with a minimum estimated life expectancy of 25 years.
Improvements to the Heritage Window Range

LandVac vacuum glazing will be initially incorporated into Gowercroft’s award winning Heritage range of windows and doors, which is widely used in the listed properties and the building conservation sector, and the new Frontier Range, which has been designed specifically for the future-build and Passiv-haus markets.

In recent years, the company’s pioneering range of products have been recognised in several industry awards, including the ‘Best Windows’ category of the 2017 Build It Awards and the prestigious 2019 British Woodworking Federation’s (BWF) ‘Woodworking Project of the Year’ award for its part in the restoration of Templeton House, Sir Winston Churchill’s former home in Roehampton.   

About LandGlass

LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialising in the design, manufacturing, and sales of high-performance, energy efficient materials and high-end intelligent glass processing machinery, providing advanced systematic solutions for users around the world.  In the energy efficiency material researching field, the LandVac tempered vacuum insulated glass has already won its outstanding reputation in many areas including energy efficient buildings, intelligent home appliances, vehicles, national defence and military with the excellent energy efficiency and noise reduction properties.

You can read more about the LandVac range of Vacuum Glazing here.