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Paint and Stains

Paint & Stains

All of our products are delivered to site fully finished with three coats of high quality, water-based coating and should require no further decoration after installation.

Coating System

Our coating system is the best in the industry and offers incredibly low maintenance requirements. Any painted product utilising the full three coat system will include a full 10-year, no maintenance guarantee backed by our supplier.

We also offer a full aftercare service, which allows you to protect your investment by having our skilled joiners and decorators complete all required maintenance for you. Further details of this service can be found on the Ongoing Maintenance page

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Maintenance free, micro-porous paint coatings

  • Does not crack or fade in the sunlight. Doesn’t become brittle over time due to a higher elasticity than solvent-based paints.
  • Release many times fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to the environment, animals and humans in large exposure conditions.
  • Less likely to mildew. The oils that are used in solvent-based paints feed mildew and actually encourage its growth.
  • Improved colour retention. Oil based paints fade and chalk with time, whereas water based paints retain a better colour throughout.
How It Works

Water and vapour can pass freely through the micro-porous paint system to establish equilibrium with the environment. The paint system has a high elasticity and can stretch to accommodate swelling and contraction in the timber.
UV light, which can damage the timber, is absorbed by the paint.

water and vapour diagram