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Windows upside down on a computer

Windows Turned Upside Down

Windows, not Windows! We believe we are honest in all our dealings and we don’t like to say we can…

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an arched spiral window made from sustainable wood by Gowercroft

Spiral Balances vs. Lead-Weights; Sliding Sash Window Mechanism

Understanding Sliding Sash Windows Weights and Pulleys Traditionally, all sliding sash windows were operated by cast iron weights. A box…

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Double glazing diagram

Energy Efficiency: What is a U-Value?

In the ongoing search for carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability; it is now required by law that your window and…

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Planitherm glass logo


Gowercroft install Planitherm perfomance windows Groundbreaking Glass or Marketing Stunt? As you may have noticed over the past few months,…

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