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Windows Turned Upside Down

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Windows upside down on a computer

Windows Turned Upside Down

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Published on: November 2nd, 2011

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Windows, not Windows!

Windows on a computer upside down

Windows turned upside down

We believe we are honest in all our dealings and we don’t like to say we can do something if we cannot, but sometimes you really have to be careful with your wording.

I had to deliver a quotation and some colour samples on a Saturday to a customer’s home as she had been having some trouble with her email service. I was greeted with;

“Oh great – you know all about windows don’t you?”

When I said I did, I was escorted to her computer and shown a screen with everything sideways on. Microsoft Windows was playing up. Having tried a few keys without success, I was able to call our resident expert at home and he talked us through the solution. Needless to say I’ll be more cautious with what I say in future.

If you ever have the same problem, here’s the fix:

  • Right click on the desktop
  • go to “Properties”
  • click on “Settings”
  • click on “Advanced”
  • go to “Graphics driver”
  • click on “Graphics properties”
  • click on “Rotation”
I hope this helps!