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Timber Sliding Folding Doors; Moved by Centor

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Wooden lift and slide doors looking over a nice patio

Timber Sliding Folding Doors; Moved by Centor

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Published on: November 18th, 2011

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Timber sliding folding doors

Timber sliding folding doors

Timber sliding folding doors, what are they?

Timber sliding folding doors (otherwise known as bi-fold doors) open up entire walls, seamlessly bringing the outside in, creating vistas and allowing light and fresh air inside. Bi-fold doors stack to the side/s, and have no posts or fixed door panels to block views or breezes. The door operates in two ways;

  1. One single panel can be opened independently of the remainder of the panel to operate like a single door.
  2. Once this door has been opened, the bolts on the other doors can be released and all of the panels will concertina either all to one side, or split to both sides of the unit.

The Growing Popularity of Timber Sliding Folding Doors

Every now and again, a product comes along that makes such perfect sense and adds so much value that it redefines the standards of an industry. In the last decade, the construction industry has led a steady move towards open-plan building and renovation. Open space and minimalism have dominated the thoughts of domestic customers and architects alike. In such an environment, timber sliding folding doors have become the must-have item on any project.

Gowercroft have been manufacturing and installing sliding, folding doors from high quality hardwood for over a year and were one of the first joinery manufacturers to adopt the technology in the UK market place. We now manufacture about 25-30 of these units per year and the growth looks set to continue.

Moved By Centor

To deliver these timber sliding folding doors to customers across the UK, we work closely with Centor, an Australian company founded in 1951, which specialise in architectural ironmongery. Like us, their goal is superior product quality and Centor systems are reliable, secure and weatherproof. They offer fingertip operation and complete design freedom. Below are three projects we have completed using Centor systems:

Whilst the majority of timber sliding folding doors that we sell are regular sizes and shapes, the options provided by Centor’s innovative ironmongery are almost endless. It is possible to produce units 17.5 metres long and 4 metres high, with up to 16 panels sliding and folding in a variety of patterns. Whatever your project or designs, these units can be made to fit.

For more information on Centor and the solutions they provide, please follow this link:

Fitting a Sliding, Folding Door in Your Home

Every property and every person’s needs and desires are different – that’s why we are and will always remain a bespoke and flexible joinery. Call one of our team today to discuss how one of our units might be incorporated into your home or place of business.