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UK joinery scheme award certification

Accoya Windows and Doors

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Published on: March 9th, 2016

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Accoya Hardwood for Superior Windows and Doors

UK Joinery certificate

Certification for your products

Accoya is without question the best timber for window and door manufacture on the market. It offers exceptional finish, durability, longevity and sustainability credentials. If the material is used correctly, Accoya windows will require less maintenance and offer lower whole life cycle costs than any other material currently available for window and door production.

Gowercroft Joinery have been part of the Accoya certification scheme since 2013 and have been manufacturing Accoya windows and doors for over 8 years, which is as long as any other window and company in the U.K. During that time we have perfected our production processes to ensure that we overcome the potential pitfalls of the material, while maximising the incredible positive upsides. It is important to proactively deal with the acidity of the Accoya and also the potential blue staining issues it presents. Our Accoya windows and door manufacturing process is tailored to work with these potential Accoya pitfalls.

By utilising Accoya as standard in all potentially vulnerable parts of our otherwise hardwood windows and doors, we have managed to reduce our service calls to less than 10 in the past 12 months. We are also able to offer the most comprehensive guarantee in the window and door industry, covering all elements of the product, without exceptions, for a full 10-years. Accoya is a material that you can be confident in, delivered by a company with a history of success and quality. We also offer fully Accoya windows and doors for the more discerning customer.

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For more information about Accoya and why Accoya windows are so effective, read our blog posting on the subject: What is Accoya Timber? High Quality Windows, Doors and Conservatories