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Accoya Windows Site Visit

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Accoya windows site visit, Arnheim, Netherlands

Accoya Windows Site Visit

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Published on: April 19th, 2018

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Accoya Windows – Visit to Accoya® Production Facility in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Gowercroft Joinery was one of the first companies in the U.K. to start using Accoya® timber over 10 years ago in the manufacture of our timber windows.

Since then we have increased our usage to over 100m3 per annum and Accoya® is now a major part of our business. In fact, we have built our product range round it, working with suppliers and partner organisations to develop high quality paint systems, innovative product design and new ironmongery systems to maximise its benefits.

In early-March, we were pleased to be invited to see the Accoya® manufacturing facility in Arnhem, together with UK-distributor, International Timber.

Over the course of two interesting and highly informative days, we visited a number of different sites where we had the opportunity to see aged Accoya® projects, including some with unfinished Accoya® cladding, plus the impressive Breakers Beach Bar & Restaurant in Noordwijk.

As this project sits directly on a beach facing the North Sea, it is subject to salt spray and wind-blown sand – both of which significantly affect the longevity of accoya windows and doors. The paintwork had recently been redone for the first time in eight years, but the joinery had stood the test of time very well against the elements.

Moving on to Arnhem, we visited the production facility, laboratory, distribution centre and offices of Accsys Group, the manufacturers of Accoya®. The current capacity of the facility is 40,000m3 per annum, but Accsys have invested significant sums into a new reactor, which is due to come online shortly and increase capacity to 60,000m3. There are plans for a fourth reactor (or pressure vessel) in the future which will raise the capacity to 80,000m3 per annum.  Even more capacity will be freed up, when the new Tricoya® plant opens in Hull in 2019.

The big takeaway from the visit was that Accsys are preparing for significant growth and expansion over the coming years. This is great news for timber window manufacturers around the world, as well as for the environment, as Accoya® windows have an excellent sustainability record, achieving Cradle to CradleSM Gold standard.

On a historical note, it was also interesting that the whole industrial estate at Arnhem was built during the Second World War to manufacture paint for army vehicles. As history buffs will already know, Arnhem was the location of a key Allied victory outlined in the film, “A Bridge Too Far”. The industrial estate still shows damage from shrapnel and gunfire during the liberation all those years ago.

It was an excellent visit and we look forward to continuing to work with Accoya® timber – which offers a bright future for our industry and for the planet!