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Biomass Heater drives Sustainable Joinery Company

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The burner at Gowercroft used in the window manufacture process

Biomass Heater drives Sustainable Joinery Company

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Published on: February 20th, 2013

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An ecologically sound new clean burn heater

Our new environmentally sound biomass heater

Biomass heating

We are pleased to announce that Gowercroft have taken another large step towards becoming a more sustainable joinery company through the installation of a biomass heater in the factory. We are now able to recycle or reuse all of the timber by-products of our manufacture of high quality joinery products to produce heat for the factory. This reduces our requirement for fossil fuels, and also prevents potential energy from becoming landfill.

We have struggled to find a commercially sustainable way of utilising our small off-cut timber and with the increases in energy prices, the option of a biomass heater became increasingly viable. Through the savings on heating alone, the unit will return the initial investment in a little under three years from installation.

The biomass heater includes a double pass heat exchange unit which allows safe heating of the factory with ducting delivering heat directly into the paint shop to allow a faster curing process. The combustion fan and integrated thermostat ensure that all burning is done efficiently and cleanly, removing the need for an afterburner system and allowing placement of the burner in a clean air zone. Further to these benefits and features, the unit’s location in the centre of the workshop will deliver a reduction in manual handling and will promote a clean working environment.