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Brilliant Uses For Bifold Doors

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brilliant use of bifold door opening up a room to a large patio area

Brilliant Uses For Bifold Doors

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Published on: May 6th, 2021

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Bifold doors are for more than just patio doors

Do you love pushing back a dining table for extra space? Or wish you could knock down a wall or create a corridor? It turns out that there’s a lot you can do to make use of bifold doors.

Bifolding doors remove the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Perfect for patios, bifold doors can be used in many more places where a seamless open space can be closed off easily. Here’s some brilliant uses for bifold doors…

Barriers are made to be broken

In today’s creative world bifold doors aren’t just for places where strong materials are needed. Bifold doors from Gowercroft are specifically designed to create barriers that people can break. Check out how we create barrier breaking doors here in this bifold doors case study. 

Modernising with bifold doors

A classic, timeless door, these doors give any room a clean, airy feel without the drawbacks of traditional doors. Beyond being beautiful and functional, doors made of bifold construction are well-built and resistant to wear and tear. Meticulously constructed with modern woods such as Accoya® and Red Grandis, Gowercroft bifolding doors are expected to give a very long service life with the minimum of maintenance. Our cill detail is carefully designed to incorporate a hardwearing projection step, effective drainage from the cill track and the minimal upstand to maximise the seamlessness of the transition between spaces.

We also use top of the range Centor ironmongery and a proprietary intermediate locking system so your bifold doors will work perfectly for many years to come.

Detail of bifolding doors when open
The Centaur Ironmongery will last the life of the doors.

No matter the size of the space, you can create a seamlesscontinuous interior and exterior space with no obvious barrier between them. Just one of the many options available, bifold doors can be used in the living room or hallway, as well as in a shed or utility room, as you can see in this project.

Brilliant Ideas for Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors as Room dividers

Bifold doors can be used to separate living spaces or even to create an atrium effect. The sliding system allows a seamless change between space and access. A cool grey colour will help to create a striking contrast with white walls, while the edges of the doors bring a touch of texture. 

The garden 

A very flexible choice for outdoor spaces. Simply open and close the doors to change the whole feel of the place. For a modern vibe, the doors can be made out of wood or metal with high impact green aluminum highlights.

Places of interest

A place of interest can be enhanced with bifolding doorsIt’s your favorite place to watch the sunset, but it can be difficult to actually see the sunset when you’re trapped behind a fence or by thick shrubbery. To enjoy the sunset, you’ll need a bifold door in the entrance, where you can see it and enjoy it. It’s a great way to add character to a building or make the entrance appear more inviting. 

Music room 

Put in a bifold door with sliders on both sides of the room, and you’ll be able to listen to your favourite tunes while enjoying the outdoors. Open up your bifold door and open up the world!

Keeping it clean

You don’t want masses of dirt, food, and debris spreading all over your patio space. An easy way to keep the kitchen area clean is by installing bifold doors, which fold compactly away when open and close to quickly protect against rain. When the doors are closed, the kitchen area is made secure from inside. When they’re open, the space can be ventilated to keep it cool and sweet smelling. 

Outdoor living 

Bifold doors can create a stylish patio living room, making the space feel larger than it is. By using both doors at the same time, you can create a new place for entertaining on the patio. This design can also make the area feel much bigger than it is. The open patio space also makes it great for relaxing or reading a book in the sun.

Rooms without corners

Floating corner bifold doors offer even more scope for open living spaces. Image a living room where an entire corner can open out into a vista of your garden or the surrounding country site. Floating corner bifolding doors genuinely do remove the borders between indoors and outdoors and create breathtaking living areas for you to enjoy.

Floating Corner bifold doors interior shot
Floating Corner Bifold Doors open a room up to the garden, even when they are closed.

Renovating Listed Properties

Our Halifax range of Bifold Doors are perfect for renovation projects. Fitted with LandVac vacuum glazing they provide extra insulation in older buildings that might not be as efficient as newer houses. Our heritage bifold doors have been fitted to cottages, barn renovations and other listed properties with the full approval of the local planning authority. Not only do they look amazing, but they improve the rooms they are fitted to by making them warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.


Bifolding doors make it easy for you to create open living spaces that you can quickly close off. Beautiful in appearance, they fold neatly away in seconds to allow you to enjoy the outdoors and give an instant feeling of a wide open space. So get creative and install bifold doors in your home!