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Hardwood Windows in Kirk Langley

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hardwood windows and doors fitted to a traditional home

Hardwood Windows in Kirk Langley

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Published on: December 26th, 2016

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Hardwood Windows restore Derbyshire home to it’s former glory

The house in Kirk Langley after restoration with hardwood windows by Gowercroft

Some very lovely Hardwood Windows

We received a call in May 2016 from Sharon and John Hawkins, who were enquiring about replacing their outdated uPVC windows with traditional hardwood windows in Kirk Langley. Set in the picturesque Derbyshire countryside, surrounded by traditional farmhouses and agricultural conversions the Hawkins wanted to restore their home back to its former glory.

We have done many projects in their area; next door on the right we had installed hardwood windows and doors to a cottage around 10 years prior. Demonstrating the excellent durability of our windows the Hawkins could easily see how our hardwood windows and doors would look 10 years on. Directly to the left, we were also installing traditional stable doors for their neighbour.

We worked very closely with the clients to gain a full understanding of their end goal; this was to bring the property back to its traditional form with a mixture of spiral-balanced sliding sashes, flush casement windows and full timber door set; all supplied and installed by Gowercroft Joinery with a full, maintenance free 10-year guarantee.

As part of our fitting service we carry out a full onsite survey, we assume all responsibility for final manufacturing sizes. Upon survey we discovered that the openings to the rear did not have any lintels installed above the windows. As a FENSA registered installer we are responsible for adherence to building regulations and they clearly state that windows should not be load carrying. We informed the Mr. & Mrs Hawkins of the situation and how to take it forward; they quickly got a builder in to install new lintels so we could complete the job safely and with full certification.

“As I expected the windows and door look absolutely lovely and they have been much admired by everyone who has seen them. It was a bit of a blow when we had to have lintels in the back of the house but it was an ‘ill wind’, as they say, because the back of the house now looks so much better, with beautiful windows complimented by the stone lintels.”   Sharon Hawkins

We also installed all internal trims to complete the windows on the inside. The front door features a glazed top light; Sharon wanted to add further character to the door by having the top light glazed sign written with their property name.

 “We are thoroughly pleased with the windows – they are a joy to behold especially when you consider what they have replaced.” John Hawkins

If you have a similar project requiring hardwood windows in Kirk Langley or indeed any enquiry that you would like to discuss with us, then please do not hesitate to contact us in the sales office