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brilliant use of bifold door opening up a room to a large patio area

Brilliant Uses For Bifold Doors

Do you love pushing back a dining table for extra space? Or wish you could knock down a wall or create a corridor? It turns out that there’s a lot you can do to make use of bifold doors.

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What are passive house windows an illustration of a passive house

What are Passive House Windows?

What are passive house windows? We explain everything you need to know the high performance energy saving technology

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Sustainable windows Study featured image

Sustainable Windows Study

At Gowercroft we are big on protecting the environment. We pride ourselves on manufacturing windows that are very efficient, come from sustainable sources and are manufactured in a way that has little impact on the environment. We commissioned a study by the University of Derby to find out exactly how much more environmentally friendly our products are compared to other types of windows.

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Traditional Windows report by Historic England screenshot

Traditional Windows report by English Heritage

The Traditional Windows Report by English Heritage is a document that gives in great detail the reasons why we need heritage windows. In this post we summarise the report and give you insights into why heritage windows are so important.

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vacuum glass installed in heritage sash window

Why Vacuum Glass is the best option for Heritage Sashed Windows

Sash windows are lighter, prettier and more efficient when vacuum glass is installed – read on to find out why

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Internal bay brick pillars posts Chatsworth sash white architraves linings

How Do Sash Windows Work?

How do sash windows work? We explore the workings behind traditional and modern sashes.

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Winston sliding sash windows internal shot

What Are Sash Windows?

What are sash windows? We explain the types of sash windows and the types available and look at the costs involved

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A grade 2 listed building needing double glazing

Can I Put Double Glazing in a Grade 2 Listed Building?

Can I change the windows in a grade 2 listed building? If you are the owner of a Grade II…

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Made in Britain logo superimposed over a photo of a CNC router window making machine in the Gowercroft factory

Gowercroft Joins the Made in Britain Team

Gowercroft are pleased to announce our acceptance into the Made in Britain campaign. The Made in Britain campaign group was…

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