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Situations where you need a Heritage Window Company

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Listed building after renovation by the heritage window company Gowercroft

Situations where you need a Heritage Window Company

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Published on: May 20th, 2021

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A heritage window company is a great asset to any renovation project

Why would you need to use a heritage window company like Gowercroft? Did you know that heritage windows are there to preserve and protect our cultural heritage? Windows are an important part of our architectural heritage. They are an integral part of any building and are often important artefacts in their own right. 

Why have heritage windows?

According to Historic England,

”Traditional windows and their glazing make an important contribution to the significance of historic areas .”

Historic England are committed to the preservation of existing windows, however, restoration is not always possible. In these circumstances replacement is the only option, and the building owner has an obligation to install windows that are in keeping with the original units as much as possible. Historic England have produced an in depth document on the restoration and replacement of heritage windows – you can read more about it here.

What is a Heritage Window?

A heritage window is a unit that is designed to imitate a traditional window, usually in an older building. One of the main characteristics of a heritage window is that it may have to imitate a traditional single glazed window. In these situations, the use of ultra thin vacuum double glazing is a good representation of a single glazed window, but with all the advantages of a modern unit.

Situations where you need to install heritage windows?

  • Houses that are Listed Buildings
  • Houses that are in a Conservation Area
  • Houses that were built before 1949
  • Houses that were built in the 1950’s
  • Houses with “aesthetic and architectural importance”
  • Houses that have been designated as heritage sites
  • Houses that are being restored to their original state
  • Houses that are being renovated for adaptive reuse
  • Home where the owner wants to add to the traditional appearance

Why not just install standard windows?

When heritage windows are a legal requirement – such as in a Listed Building, then the replacement windows must be approved by the Local Planning Offices. It is very important to obtain the necessary approvals prior to installation as it is a criminal offence to upgrade or alter a listed building without consent. It is quite a serious offence and could result in a prison sentence, or at least a very hefty fine and the cost of putting the offence right – i.e. more new windows. In other case where it is not a legal requirement, you might choose to install heritage windows because they are more in keeping, improve the look of the property and/or increase the long term value of your home.

What are the advantages of installing heritage windows?

Heritage Windows look great

Heritage windows have a traditional appeal that many of us here in the UK find very appealing. There’s something about old fashioned timber windows, especially a sash window, that evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia in us Brits that’s hard to explain. They represent times gone by and conjure up wistful images of Christmas Cards and biscuit tins. We just love them!

A heritage window company skilled worker making a window
A Heritage Window Company like Gowercroft uses skilled craftsmen

Heritage Windows can give ultra ‘modern performance’

Heritage windows make an older building warmer and more comfortable for the occupants without ruining the traditional appearance of the house.

Despite their traditional appearance, heritage windows give top notch performance. The vacuum double glazing provides exceptional insulation. The timber frames, meticulously constructed from sustainable modern woods like Accoa® and Red Grandis give years of maintenance free service. The micro porous paint finishes preserve the wood even longer, stay smart for the lifespan of the windows and are available in a range of appropriate colours.

Heritage Windows add value to your home

Traditional features and character are heavily sought after by home buyers. Heritage Windows can improve the saleability of your property and will increase the sales price over a like for like property with non-traditional or lower performing windows.

Why use a Heritage Window Company?

An experienced Heritage Window Company will help you with the tricky process of obtaining the correct planning permissions for your listed building renovation project. Make sure the heritage window company you choose has a good portfolio of relevant restoration projects. This will mean that their products have been designed and refined to meet the expectations of the planning officers (and their customers!). See some of our Heritage Window Case Studies [link].

It’s also important to check the quality of your heritage windows. At Gowercroft our heritage windows have won numerous awards and have a reputation for a high level of craftsmanship using the best materials available. The high standards of construction and materials mean that our windows offer the best in energy efficiency, length of service and great looks. We pioneered the use of highly innovative vacuum glazing which is the only sensible option for a sustainable, high performing, heritage type window.

We believe that if you are renovating a listed building or one of architectural importance, then we are the heritage window company you should choose. Learn more by reading about what makes our Heritage Range of windows unique.