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Accoya Doors and Windows – Gerrards Cross

accoya windows and accoya doors hodson gerrards cross

Georgian style Accoya French Doors, Windows and External Doors

Accoya doors and windows were the perfect finishing touch to this substantial property in Gerrards Cross. We fitted the full complement including accoya french doors, Georgian casement windows and doors. This elegant country residence looks beautiful with its three sets of french doors.

Georgian Accoya Doors and Windows finish this traditional 1930’s home perfectly

The Hodson’s own this quintessentially English home in rural Buckinghamshire. It was their aim to update their doors and windows to improve the economy of the home. They were sure that good quality windows and doors would offer the best performance. They were also aware that only wooden windows and doors would suit home with so much character.

Accoya French Doors

Accoya French Doors were fitted in three rooms to the rear of this lovely country house. Gowercroft installed three sets of traditional Accoya French Doors to the rear of the house. This gave almost all of the downstairs living areas access to the patio area that runs the full width of the house.

French doors also offer more light to rooms because they have more windows in them. Of course, glass is less effective at retaining internal heat than wood, so it was important to install highly efficient double glazing to compensate for this.

Melbourne Accoya front door stained dark

Accoya Front Doors

To the front of the house we fitted an Accoya front door in an art deco style that echos the era the house was built in. The door features tall inset panels and dark stain, and the head of the frame is arched slightly. The door is understated and elegant, fitting in perfectly with the tone of the residence. The door was taken from our Melbourne Wooden Door Range.

Accoya Windows

The rest of the house benefitted from Georgian style Accoya windows. The windows were taken from our Hardwick range of Flush casement windows. The Hardwick range is the culmination of years of refinement of our design and production processes. The result is a window range that delivers exceptional draught proofing, energy efficiency and security, while still appearing to be a traditionally-styled product.

Click here to read more about the Hardwick range of Casement Windows.

Why The Hodson’s Chose Gowercroft to install their new windows and doors

The Hodsons were very happy to work with us on the renovation of their home. The design of the windows and doors fitted in perfectly with their vision of keeping the traditional 1930’s look of the house. They chose to work with us because:

  • The quality and performance of the products
  • The design suited their property
  • The guarantees on offer
  • The environmental considerations taken by Gowercroft
  • Price and timescale


Perfection in the manufacturing process is important for the efficiency of Accoya French Doors and Windows. The doors must fit perfectly into their frames and seal the home. Such accuracy can only be achieved when the units are made by hand. At Gowercroft, our doors and windows are built by craftsmen who hone each item to ensure they are a perfect fit.


When doors and windows are built in this way, the hardware that keeps them together must offer very little lateral or vertical movement so the units don’t catch on the window and door frames. The hinges and catches must also maintain their performance over a number of years. At Gowercroft we have sourced window and door hardware that has been proved to match and maintain the level of performance needed to produce a long lasting, efficient and maintenance free window and door systems. Follow this link to read more about our ironmongery.

Maintenance free Windows and Doors

Our products guarantee a long service life with the minimum of maintenance. Our standard guarantee is 10 years, but we offer a lifetime guarantee with our TimbaCare package that means you never have to perform any maintenance on our windows and doors.


melbourne white accoya french doors
accoya french doors wide
accoya doors accoya windows gerrards cross

Why choose Accoya® for your Windows and Doors

Accoya® is a modified timber that offers outstanding levels of performance. The key features of Accoya wood are:

  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Quality of Finish

Accoya® is more stable than other woods, meaning that windows and doors can be made to fit their frames tighter. The wood will not swell or contract due to temperature, so the units can be made with much higher tolerances to the weather. The lack of seasonal expansion and contraction also puts less stress on the woods’ coatings. This means that any paint or varnish is less likely to pit or crack and allow water ingress. Typically, Accoya windows and doors have a maintenance interval twice that of traditional painted units. It’s important to note that the manufacturers of Accoya are so confident about the performance of their product that every single piece of timber comes with a guarantee.

Accoya® is a very environmentally friendly wood. The timber comes from sustainable sources and is manufactured using FSC wood.  The treatment process is called Acetylation and it is 100% non toxic. The process is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ against which all other timber treatments are measured. Accoya® wood comes with a 50 year guarantee for above ground applications, and a 25 year guarantee for submerged or below ground locations.

This is taken from the Accoya website –

Accoya® modified wood has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods, yet is manufactured using FSC wood which is sustainably sourced timber.

Accoya® is the world’s leading high technology long life wood and one of the most sustainable building materials. In every stage of the life cycle Accoya provides compelling environmental advantages. We actively seek to acquire the most respected ecolabels available for our sustainable wood.

More information is available on our blog about Accoya.

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