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Which Flush Casement Window is Best for Your Project?

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A charming brick cottage featuring off-white timber flush casement windows, highlighting the Richmond Flush Casement range by Gowercroft Joinery. The windows blend seamlessly with the traditional aesthetics of the property while providing modern performance standards.

Choosing the Best Casement Window For Your Needs

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Published on: July 11th, 2024

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When it comes to choosing the perfect windows for your project, the decision can feel overwhelming. At Gowercroft Joinery, we pride ourselves on providing the best timber windows on the market, combining engineering excellence, modern technology, and traditional aesthetics. With our unrivalled environmental credentials and EPD documentation for each of our products, you can trust that your new windows will not only enhance your project but also contribute to a sustainable future. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate our different types of flush casement windows, highlighting their strengths and differences to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Why Choose Gowercroft Flush Casement Windows?

At Gowercroft Joinery, our flush casement windows stand out due to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Here’s why our windows are the best choice for your project:

  • Engineering Excellence: Our windows are crafted with precision, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional performance.
  • Modern Technology: We incorporate advanced technology to enhance the functionality and durability of our windows.
  • Traditional Aesthetics: Our designs honour traditional craftsmanship, providing a timeless appeal that suits any project.
  • Environmental Credentials: We provide EPD documentation, guaranteeing that our products are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced.

How Do I Choose the Right Flush Casement Window for My Project?

Choosing the right flush casement window depends on several factors, including the project’s requirements, budget, and desired aesthetics. Here’s a quick comparison of our different ranges to help you decide:

FeatureClassic Range: Hardwick Flush CasementHeritage Range: Richmond Flush CasementFrontier Range: Acadia Flush Casement
UsePerfect for renovation works and new buildsPerfect for Conservation areas and Listed PropertiesPerfect for Future Builds with higher performance, sustainability or materials health requirements
Energy Efficiency1.4 for standard size window1.2 for standard size window0.9 for standard size window
Air Permeability (EN14350-1)Class 4Untested (requirements for new builds only)Class 4
Air Loss (EN12209)Class 4Untested (requirements for new builds only)Class 4
SecurityPart Q Tested and CompliantUntested (requirements for new builds only)Part Q Tested and Compliant
Warranty10-year no maintenance warranty10-year no maintenance warranty10-year no maintenance warranty
LifespanEstimated 60-70 year lifespanEstimated 70-80 year lifespanEstimated 70-80 year lifespan
Lead-timeEstimated 8 week lead-timeEstimated 14 week lead-timeEstimated 14 week lead-time
Trickle VentilationConcealed except on Open In ProductsTypically avoidable due to Heritage DispensationConcealed except on Open In Products

Which Flush Casement Window Range Suits Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas?

For specifiers working on projects in listed buildings and conservation areas, our Richmond Flush Casement in the Heritage Range is the perfect choice. These windows are designed to replicate the authentic look of period windows while incorporating modern features for enhanced performance. Key features include:

  • Authentic Design: Faithful reproduction of traditional timber windows with historically accurate details.
  • High Performance: Enhanced thermal efficiency and weather resistance without compromising on aesthetic appeal.
  • Custom Finishes: A variety of finishes to match existing architectural details and historical requirements, aiding in planning permission approvals.

What Makes the Hardwick Flush Casement in the Classic Range a Great Choice?

For those seeking a balance between aesthetics and cost, our Hardwick Flush Casement in the Classic Range offers an excellent solution. This range provides beautiful design at a more accessible price point. Highlights include:

  • Timeless Design: Suits a variety of project styles with a classic appeal.
  • Cost-Effective: High-quality windows at a lower price point.
  • Double Glazing: Efficient double glazing for good thermal performance.
  • Longevity: Made from Red Grandis, offering a lifespan of over 60 years and resulting in negative emissions as the carbon dioxide absorbed by the timber during growth outweighs the emissions generated during the raw material extraction.

How Does the Acadia Flush Casement in the Frontier Range Excel in Performance?

Our Acadia Flush Casement in the Frontier Range is perfect for projects with Net Zero ambitions, working towards PassivHaus and Enerphit standards. This range is designed for ultimate performance and sustainability, featuring:

  • Advanced Insulation: Proprietary vacuum cavity unit for superior thermal efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency: Working towards meeting the stringent requirements of PassivHaus and Enerphit standards, which take a whole building approach where high-performance windows are a key component.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainably sourced materials with EPD documentation.
  • Longevity: Made from Accoya, providing an exceptional lifespan of over 70-80 years.

Environmental Impact Comparison

Choosing Gowercroft windows means prioritising sustainability. Our dedication to sustainability is well-documented, as evidenced by a robust Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study conducted in collaboration with the University of Derby’s ERDF Low Carbon Programme. This study utilised the Building Resource Establishment (BRE) online LINA tool for a ‘cradle to gate’ LCA, covering raw material extraction, transport, and manufacturing stages (A1-A5). The study highlights the environmental advantages of our flush casement window range:

  • Lower Emissions: Our Hardwick, Richmond, and Acadia flush casement windows demonstrate significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to similar products. This includes windows made from aluminium, uPVC, and other timber windows such as those from Mumford and Wood.
  • Sustainable Timber: The Hardwick Flush Casement window in Red Grandis timber shows negative emissions at the raw material stage, thanks to the carbon absorption during the growth of the hardwood. This is a testament to our efficient, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and the sustainable sourcing of our materials.

The following graph illustrates the global warming potential of our three flush casement window ranges compared to other materials, including a comparable timber window from Mumford and Wood:

Window TypeGlobal Warming Potential (kg CO2e)
Hardwick Flush Casement (Red Grandis)-10
Richmond Flush Casement (Accoya)20
Acadia Flush Casement (Accoya)15
Mumford and Wood Timber Window30
Aluminium Window200
uPVC Window250

This comparison highlights the superior sustainability of Gowercroft windows, especially in terms of lower greenhouse gas emissions.

How Do Gowercroft Windows Compare in Sustainability?

  • Lower Emissions: Gowercroft timber windows have significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing compared to aluminium and uPVC windows.
  • Carbon Absorption: Our hardwood windows, such as the Hardwick Flush Casement, absorb more CO2 during their growth than they emit during production, resulting in negative emissions.
  • Longevity: The Hardwick Flush Casement in Red Grandis offers a lifespan of over 60 years, while the Richmond and Acadia Flush Casements in Accoya provide an exceptional longevity of over 70-80 years.
  • Efficient Manufacturing: The efficient processes at Gowercroft Joinery ensure minimal environmental impact during the manufacturing stages.

Case Studies

Want to see real-life examples of each of our window ranges in action? Explore these case studies to see how our products have been used in various projects:

Hardwick Flush Casement

  • Case Study: Replacement Timber Windows, White Cottage, Nottinghamshire
  • Description: This project showcases the Hardwick Flush Casement windows used in the replacement of timber windows at White Cottage in Nottinghamshire, demonstrating their compatibility with historical aesthetics and modern performance standards.

Richmond Flush Casement

  • Case Study: Land End Farm
  • Description: The Richmond Flush Casement windows were used in the restoration of Land End Farm, highlighting their suitability for conservation areas and listed properties with an emphasis on authentic design and energy efficiency

Choosing the Right Flush Casement Windows for Your Project

Choosing the right flush casement windows for your project is a critical decision that impacts both aesthetics and performance. At Gowercroft Joinery, we offer a range of options to suit various needs, from the cost-effective Classic Range to the historically accurate Heritage Range and the high-performance Frontier Range. Our bespoke windows can be customised in various shapes, including arches, to meet your specific requirements. Contact us to take the next step!